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Perennial Performance Ensemble

"The Perennials"

Our goals include developing the artistic voices of participating dancers and fostering community inside and outside of the collective. The dancers in this performance group are key collaborators in the creation of the work, offering them agency over their stories and how they are shared in text and movement. This project invites dancers and their stories to take center stage, shining the spotlight on their value and role in our community.

The Perennials in Action

Water in Hand

Using the dancers' personal experiences related to water, "Water in Hand" explores what happens when problems seem too large, abstract, or distant to solve. If an issue like equitable access to drinking water doesn't directly affect me, do I turn away? Feel guilty but overwhelmed? Take action? Through text and movement created by the dancers, this work proposes that the communal effort to create a positive change is many things: messy, fun, awkward, painful, and ultimately worthwhile. 


Chloe Napoletano & Sarah Ramey


Maureen Clark, Laurie Crowther, Catherine Cryan Earney, John Giffin, David John Krohn, Holly Longfellow, Sharon Oliver, Nancy Rafert, Kathy Steinman, Ken Vail

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